Management and Staff

Garrison Diversion Conservancy District Sites and Staff

Garrison Diversion employs a staff of 39 which consists of management positions, one professional engineer, a certified public accountant, support staff and multiple operations and maintenance (O&M) workers.  We have a diversified O&M staff including a master electrician, a mechanic, a painting and coating specialist, a safety coordinator, several heavy equipment operators and other various specialties.

Carrington Staff
Includes management staff for Garrison Diversion Conservancy District headquarters.
Duane DeKrey, General Manager
Kip Kovar, District Engineer/ Deputy Program Manager for RRVWSP Engineering
Merri Mooridian, Administrative Officer/Deputy Program Manager for RRVWSP Administration
Lisa Schafer, Executive Assistant
Kimberly Cook, Communications Director
Stacey Gussiaas, Administrative Assistant
Renae Duchscherer, O&M Accountant
Cindy Hewitt, Accounting Specialist
Judy Allmaras, Safety Risk Coordinator
John Odstrcil, Maintenance Engineer
Ryan Anderson, Engineer

Garrison Diversion Conservancy District Headquarters
P.O. Box 140
Carrington, ND 58421
701-652-3195 (fax)

McClusky Staff
Darren Murray, O&M Superintendent                              
Thomas Wagner, O&M Specialist III
Scott Mehring, O&M Specialist III
Curtis Nelson, O&M Specialist II
John Schuh, O&M Specialist I
Timothy Silliman, O&M Specialist I
Stan Tomlinson, O&M Specialist I

Susan Stein, Operator II
Duane Anstrom, Operator II
Tyler Schacher, Operator III
Don Berg, Seasonal, Operator II

John Bennett, Maintenance I
Doug Kurle, Maintenance II
David Freborg, Maintenance II
Michelle Werner, Office Assistant II

Garrison Diversion Operation and Maintenance
210 Highway 200 NE
McClusky, ND 58463
701-363-2274 (fax)

New Rockford Staff
Vernon Schafer, Operator II

Garrison Diversion Operation and Maintenance
205 3rd St. SE
New Rockford, ND 58356
701-947-5160 (fax)

Oakes Staff
Charnell Haak, O&M Specialist II
Darrell Brummond, O&M Specialist I

Garrison Diversion Operation and Maintenance
PO Box 531
Oakes, ND 58474
701-742-2700 (fax)