Garrison Diversion’s Featured Director - Jeff Breker

Posted: Jan 28 2020
ND Water - January 2020
By Kimberly Cook

Jeff Breker, Havana, was elected to the Board in 2008 and currently sits on the Engineering & Operations Committee. He has served his community for numerous years and being elected to Garrison Diversion’s Board of Directors is just another outlet for him to serve Sargent County citizens. “I enjoy participating in the Board because water is very important to the citizens of our state and nation,” says Jeff.

Jeff has a long history with water, as along with Garrison Diversion, he has been a director on the Southeast Rural Water District board since 1989.

Jeff has also served as the Tewaukon Township supervisor since 1982. He operates a farm, ranch and feedlot near Havana. When not attending water meetings or spending time with his three grandchildren, Jeff  enjoys travel, fishing and hunting. He is married to Jody and they have three children.

When reflecting on his participation in the water industry, Jeff says, “I wish the citizens of North Dakota could realize what a great project and vision our forefathers designed to get water to the eastern part of the state and large amount of irrigation acres that was included,” says Jeff. “The foresight they had really is incredible.”